Jadyn Chen

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Above all else, I believe in three things: perseverance, happiness, and the power of words. 


Born in Beijing, raised in Wisconsin, educated in the south, and currently residing on the west coast, I find myself irresistibly drawn to movement. There is nothing I wouldn't give to travel the world; the more we see, the more we interact, the more we grow. My inspirations stem from nature, people, and cultures that I have experienced.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Specifically, I focus on concept art. I love portraying things unusual, things stubborn or creepy, things dark and unusual. After moving to California, my focus shifted towards illustration and design. 


Other controls for the thumbnails include:

  • The hover color with Grid Background Color under Colors.
  • The title that shows on hover with Grid Headings Color and Grid Subheadings Color under Color, and Grid Headings and Grid Subheadings under typography.
  • Whether or not the thumbnail zooms on hover with Project Hover Zoom under Options.

In the project detail view, you can set the width of the page with Project Detail Width and the width of the description in the left sidebar with Project Meta Width, both under Sizes & Values.


Social Icons

If you connect your social accounts (do this in the backend under Settings > Social Accounts > + Add Account), the links will appear as icons under the main site navigation. The size, color, and style of these are editable in the Style Editor under Social Icon Size, Social Icon Color, and Social Icon Style.


How to Use This Template


Flatiron works best with a fairly large number of galleries in the Index. To create this, add a new gallery page under the index section rather than the main navigation. Galleries that are added as pages will appear differently to galleries under the index.

Main Navigation

One-off gallery pages, blog pages, links, folders, and empty pages can all be added to the main navigation. These pages will appear in the main navigation in the left of the Header.

Gallery Details

To add a title and description for any gallery (either a standalone gallery or a gallery in the Index), click into Page Settings at the top right corner of the Gallery View. The Navigation Title will appear as a link in the index navigation. The Page Title will appear at the top of the Project Description view. The Description will appear under the images in the Project Description view.


Other Layout Options

The Footer is hidden until you move your mouse over it by default. You can change this to show all the time with Autohide Footer under Options.

You can move the site title/logo to the left of the Header with Site Title/Logo Position, under Options.

The Header is set to stay at the top of the page as you scroll (Fixed). This can be changed to Normal with Header Position under Options.